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“A fast-paced, witty and original fantasy, reminiscent of Scott Lynch and Fritz Leiber.”


-Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the Shadows of the Apt series

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So what's a 'Giant Thief' when it's at home?

Giant Thief is my first novel, a comic fantasy adventure, published by
Angry Robot early in 2012.

And what does it do?

What do you mean, what does it do?  It's a book.

What I mean is, what's it all about?

Ohhh.  Okay.  You could have just said that.

See that dashing but shifty-looking bloke on the right there?  That's Easie Damasco.  The reason he has a big, suspicious-looking bag in his hand?  That's because he steals stuff.  He steals stuff a lot.  Anything that's not nailed down and might be valuable, really.  Nothing is too small and nothing's too big to attract his criminal attentions.  Take, for instance a giant.  Which, funnily enough, is just what Damasco does.  Because the giant was there, he wasn't nailed down, and sometimes a giant is the one thing you happen to need in a pinch.

So that explains the title.  I mean, this isn't a book about a giant who's also a thief.  Although, come to think of, it is that too.  Not that Saltlick (the giant's name is Saltlick) wants to get dragged into such things; he just wants to go home, and maybe save his people from being forced into war by a tyrannical warlord along the way. 

But when you end up spending time around someone like Easie Damasco, however inadvertently, bad things start to happen...

He does look a bit shifty.  But isn't it a shame to have all those words covering that lovely artwork?

Well, those words are the title, not to mention my name.  So I'm going to have to say no, not really.  But it is a gorgeous cover, isn't it?  It's by
Angelo Rinaldi, who happens to be one of my favourite artists working in the industry today.

Tell you what, here's a version without all that wacky text.

Much Better.  I might trust you a little more if I knew lots of people other than you had said nice things about your book, though.

What do you know?  They have.  You can read a few choice extracts
here.  Also, there are some interviews, guest blog posts and such here that might help you make up your mind.

Point taken.  But would it be too much to ask to read a bit of it?

Nothing's too much for you.  Why don't you have a look
at this?

Hmm.  Interesting.  So what's in the bag?

I can't tell you that.  You'd have to actually buy the book and read the rest.

And are there any more of these so-called Tales of Easie Damasco?

There absolutely are.  The second, Crown Thief, came out in late 2012, and the third, Prince Thief, was released in October 2013.

All right.  Say I want to buy this 'Giant Thief' of yours.  What do I do now?

Well, your local book shop (assuming you're lucky enough to have a local book shop) should be stocking it.  Failing that, why not try one of these?

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