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Crown Thief?  Would this have anything to do with that Giant Thief book you wrote then?

It would indeed.  It's the first sequel, to be precise.

So if I didn't read Giant Thief, there's not much point me buying this one?

Of course there is.  You might get a bit more out of it if you've read the first one, but Crown Thief is basically a standalone adventure.

So what's it about then?  Wouldn't involve someone stealing a crown by any chance?

It certainly would.  Said purloiner of royal headwear is our "hero" Easie Damasco, rogue, thief and - after the events of Giant Thief - somewhat repentant scoundrel.  Damasco's been through the ringer lately, but it's nothing to what's in store for him.  It isn't long before he discovers that his most hated enemy has taken control of the capital, and has his sights set on the entirety of the Castoval.  Thing is, the king isn't too pleased to hear that either, and neither of them are happy with Damasco sticking his light fingers into their business - which means it isn't long before the finest killers in two lands are hot on his heels.

Sounds fun!  Do you think I could read a bit of it?

Of course you can.  Just have a look here.

Okay, I'm intrigued.  But wait, I just remembered that I did read Giant Thief after all.  Can I expect some of those plot threads you left hanging to get wrapped up this time around?

Well, I wouldn't call them hanging plot threads exactly, but if you were wondering what happened to the rest of the giants, or to Castilio Mounteban, or where all those knives Damasco lost ended up then I can promise you answers to at least two of your questions.

I hope it's the knives, that's been driving me crazy!  All right, I'm definitely interested.  When's it out?  And where can I pick up a copy?

It's out in e-book and US and Canadian print editions on the 25th September, while UK readers will have to wait until the 4th October.  

If you're after the e-book, I'd suggest going straight to the
Angry Robot store, while if you want a print copy you should try your local bookstore.  If they don't have it (or you're too lazy) then try here:

UK Print & Ebook | Book Depository | Waterstones | WHSmith

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