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"Tallerman reintroduces us to Arein the dwarfish wizard, Hule the barbarian fighter, Tia the dun-elf rogue, and Durren Flintrand the ranger-in-training and the party’s would-be leader – not forgetting the adorable Pootle – with all the skill of a consummate master storyteller."


-Jonathan Green, author of 

YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks

Student adventurer Durren Flintrand had thought he was settling in at the Black River Academy. But when rebellious rogue Tia Locke uncovers a horrifying secret, the two of them, along with magic-averse wizard Arein and blunt but good-hearted fighter Hule, find themselves consigned to the school's first ever exchange program. They're being sent to Shadow Mountain Academy in the dismal land of Ursvaal, and they're going whether they like it or not.

At Shadow Mountain, things are done differently. No longer is Durren a ranger but a bard, whatever that involves. And not only that but Tia is acting more strangely than usual, Hule is taking being a paladin awfully seriously, and Arein has a new party member with ideas very different to her own to contend with, in the shape of irascible cleric Cailliper Ancrux.

The four Black River students will need to relearn everything they thought they knew. But the threats surrounding them won't wait. Can they survive an uprising of the dead, the winged horror that haunts this desolate land, and an ancient plot from the depths of Ursvaal's history?  And if they somehow should, can Durren possibly learn to play the lute?



Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US in Print, E-book and Audiobook formats.


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