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The Arched Doorway

"I found Prince Thief to be enjoyable, intriguing and well-written. If you’re looking for an easy and fun read, I recommend picking up this series. With action, humour, adventures, and giants, The Tales of Easie Damasco is an enjoyable series which fans of fantasy and heist stories are sure to enjoy.."


Adventures Fantastic

"This series is solid adventure fantasy, but with a twist. The stock thief in Tallerman’s hands is more than just a generic character. He’s unique, a fresh and original creation with enough familiarity to him that readers won’t be put off. If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll want to pick this one up. It’s the best of the three."


Falcata Times

"I love the humour, I love the twists that David brings and above all else I love the way that the protagonist interweaves his way through the problems to do his damnedest to fulfil his own requirements whilst staying alive. Its refreshing, it has a whole cartload of catastrophe and yet, it’s so much of a chaotic mishmash that you really can’t put the book down as you wait to see what happens next. It’s magical. Great stuff."


This is my World

"This is a fantastic story for its realism. The tale might not tie up conveniently, or with huge epic fanfare, but it *feels* authentic, and that’s what counts. Lovely characterisation, awesome dialogue and an overall solid fantasy read."


Books With Tien

"Overall, Prince Thief was a nice read."



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