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"it’s a grand and harrowing coming of age journey author David Tallerman takes us on, one reminiscent of the very best role-playing sessions we've enjoyed in our minds and around a table in the company of friends."


-Jean Rabe, USA Today best-selling author

Prepare for a dungeon crawl like no other...

Durren Flintrand, student ranger at the Black River Academy for Swordcraft and Spellcraft, finds his life thrown into fresh confusion when his party's latest quest goes disastrously wrong.  Magic is malfunctioning in strange and terrible ways, and what's worse, it might be their fault.  Certainly that's what their wizard Arein believes, and her doubts may be enough to accomplish what countless threats haven't: to tear their group apart.

Along with Tia the rogue and fighter Hule, Durren is determined to put right what's gone wrong, no matter the cost.  But when they embark on a desperate mission of their own, the friends find themselves far from home and lost in a subterranean labyrinth of monsters, traps, and ancient secrets.  With Arein's fate on the line and Pootle the observer, their unofficial fifth party member, undergoing a bizarre transformation, the stakes have never been higher or more personal.  Yet they may prove trivial compared to what lies in the heart of the mountain Gongurren, an ancient horror now stirring toward the light of day.


Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US in Print, E-book and Audiobook formats.


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