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The British Fantasy Society

"This book is above all a fun read and stands out for that reason."


The Arched Doorway

"Overall, I enjoyed Crown Thief by David Tallerman very much. It was an interesting read, very quick and easy to get through."


Adventures Fantastic

"This is a novel with heart, something we don't see enough of at times ... if the next book, Prince Thief, were out now, I'd have started reading it immediately."



"A light and entertaining read, one that can raise a smile or even shed a tear from the most hardened reader ... Tallerman’s strengths as a writer shine through..."


Clockwork Reviews

"Go forth and purchase this book. Its fun, its serious, it will make you laugh ... Crown Thief is a great read and I would even recommend it to people who do not normally read fantasy."


Falcata Times

"It’s a fun romp in a dark fantasy world ... and all in the reader is in for a treat. Great stuff. "


Warpcore SF

"Damasco is the kind of vivacious, irreverent character who will steal your affections, and any book with him in it is too short."


The Writing Mind

"A good author can create a sense of desire, love, or danger without turning the stomach or becoming inappropriate for younger readers.  Tallerman accomplishes all this. His Thief series can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  Alpha Double Plus!"


A Fantastical Librarian

"Easie’s second adventure is another winner for David Tallerman. It’s a high-octane romp, with perhaps just a tad less urgency than Giant Thief, but that’s made up for by the deepening of his characters and a slightly bigger reveal of his world’s inner workings. Who could resist the promise of a reformed rogue, a gruff guard captain, and even more giants than last time? I know I couldn’t."

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